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Today was nice and warm until the rain showed up. I spent the… - [] Tower of Babble []
you are a boat, making your way across life's ocean, a journal is your compass
Today was nice and warm until the rain showed up.

I spent the afternoon with my dad and my brother. We went over my grandparents so that my dad could fix a broken taillight on my grandmother's car. They weren't home and the taillight wasn't broken after all or my grandfather had fixed it already.

After going to my grandparents place, we went to an ice cream stand in the area. My brother had banana ice cream (or banana cream, as he called it), my dad had coffee ice cream and I had peach frozen yogurt.

Moment of the day had to be my arrival at my dad's place before we even when out of the afternoon:

My dad: "What's that on your back?"
(I was wearing a tank top)
Me: "A tattoo."
My dad: "Is it real?"
Me: "Well, it hasn't washed off in the shower in the six months I've had it."
My dad: "Oh."

And that was the end of the conversation about it.

song stuck in T's head: THE STRiPES - OPEN YOUR HEART ~Ten Made Todo

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ballincollig From: ballincollig Date: May 15th, 2004 07:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow. That was it about the tat? I'm impressed. I wonder if yer da has the same opinion of tattoos esh does. To be honest, I think Er. doesn't like the idea of me doing things to my body he hasn't approved of first, although he'll never admit to even thinking that way.

That, and he's furiously jealous of Jack...and he refuses to admit to that as well! ...O ...O
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